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President's Message
Hanif Patni

" Our customers can count on consistency, and drivers can expect fair treatment "

Coventry moves close to 25,000 people every day. Over the course of a year, that is the equivalent of carrying every resident of Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. We serve busy working people who want fast, quiet service. We serve the elderly, who may no longer drive, and we serve young people, who may be too young to drive. We are the most convenient option for the late-night crowd, who need to get home safely after a drink or two. Taxis are an essential transportation option.

Close to 3,000 families make their living working with our company. Our mandate is to make sure that our customers and drivers are safe, and that taxicabs provide a compelling alternative to privately owned cars.

A massive social and demographic shift is taking place in Canada. Just a few decades ago, only 25% of the population lived in the major centres. That figure now exceeds 55%. With the resulting traffic congestion and rising parking rates, there is a greater need for our services.

The aging of our population will also create greater demand for our services. In 1980, older adults made up less than 10% of our population. By 2036, that figure will rise to 25% – with massive implications for taxis, car services and shuttle buses.

Our attitudes toward drinking and driving have changed, too, and parents are concerned about their children getting around safely.

All these changes have created opportunities for us. However, we know that if our industry is to prosper, we have to provide reliable service, efficient systems, safe in-cab technologies, and clear rules for our drivers.

We have created one of the most productive taxi, black car and chartered bus operations in the world. Customers can count on consistency, and drivers can expect fair treatment. It is our pleasure to have this opportunity to serve.


Hanif Patni
President & CEO