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Fleet Services

Are you a fleet operator? Coventry can provide:

  • • Dispatching
  • • Account management
  • • Insurance, etc.

For smaller taxi companies and taxi operators with only a few cars, it is difficult to achieve a viable business operation.  Coventry can help to reduce their costs. The technology is very expensive for small companies, and the overhead associated with taking calls, dealing with customer accounts and arranging details like insurance can be overwhelming.  Our company already has these capabilities.  We can provide those services on an outsourced basis.

At Coventry, we can look after :

Dispatching : Coventry’s ZipTrack dispatching call centre is one of the most advanced in the world. We handle dispatching for 20 taxi fleets, and support our black car operators in Niagara Region when they need overflow help. Our call-takers have excellent database tools to quickly and confidentially verify customer details. Smartphone apps will soon be supported, giving customers another way to book. All calls are voice-recorded and data-recorded for easy internal audit. Staff are supervised and call-taker performance is reviewed for feedback.

Account management : Customer invoicing is efficiently handled by Taxitab, our account service department.

Insurance and other details : Taxi operators often need help securing good cars, getting adequate insurance coverage and dealing professionally with regulators. Coventry provides these services, leaving operators to focus on finding the right drivers.

Depending on their size, operators can either keep their own brand identity or join one of our fleets.

For more information about our fleet services, contact the President of Coventry Connections through:

Sarah O’Connor
Executive Assistant
Tel: ((613) 746-8740, Ext. 3355
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it