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About Us

Coventry is one of the largest operators of taxis in Canada.  Our company also manages a large portfolio of accessible taxicabs, airport transportation cars, executive black cars, limousines, shuttle buses and tow-trucks.

The general public makes use of many well established locally known branded services in various cities within Ontario, but that entire collection of taxi fleets and associated services is efficiently operated by Coventry with use of superb logistics technology. We have well established systems for efficient customer service and dispatching processes that are uncompromised for our drivers who rely on fairness of work distribution.  The company is known for its high standards of service, and efficient support infrastructure needed for moving people safely.

We handle contracted transportation services for large corporate, commercial and government customers.

Coventry is also in the business of investing in government regulated medallion plate licenses, occasionally buying and selling these as needed by owner drivers.  We provide the public with indirect transport related services such as automobile garage repairs, auto-body reconstruction and upholstery work for up-grading vehicles.

Coventry is one of the most innovative and efficient ground transport companies in Ontario, and we are recognized across North America for exceeding the stringent requirements of regulators in our industry.

We are the silent power that allows tens of thousands to get from one place to another every single day.